BOGGIO'S School Tours

Call today and book a date for your school to visit Boggio's!

We offer three different tours to choose from:

  • The Apple Tour includes a walk out to the orchard where the students are able to pick any apple they wish straight from the tree. This also includes a walk through of how apple cider is made at Boggio's, where they will get to sample a fresh glass.
  • The Pumpkin Tour includes a walk to the pumpkin patch where the students are allowed to pick any pumpkin in the patch that will fit into their Boggio's Pumpkin Bag.
  • The Corn Maze tour allows the students to run through the corn maze, but always remember this may take about 45 minutes so be sure to allow enough time to get back on the bus.

There is no charge for the students to go through the petting zoo, or to play on the play area. Just let us know ahead of time if you wish to do so.

For your convenience we also allow schools to use our food stand for snack or pack lunches, please call and reserve this area while booking your tour. Teachers please download our School Tour Form and mail to us for booking a tour date.

* Also note, during the fall we try to avoid any Friday tours. Thank You

Adobe ReaderTeachers: Download/Print our School Tour Form and mail to us for booking a tour date.